Artist Statement          

Artist Statement

Vitality, energy, plus elegant flowing movements are the hallmarks of Marilyn Weinstein's sculpture.

Her unique ability to render a sense of immediacy in her work, in effect to 'stop the clock' for an instant, is an integral part of her sculpture's narrative. Whether her subject is animal, human, or a combination of both, the viewer feels that the essence or life force has been captured.

Ms. Weinstein studied art at New York University and the Sorbonne in Paris, and was influenced by the work of the great 19th and early 20th century romantics, Rodin, the (animalier) sculptor, Antoine Louis Barye , and Rosa Bonheur among others. Although at first she did not pursue a career in art, she says that it was always the sculpture that drew her in at exhibitions and museums." I always wanted to feel the sculpture's tactile surface, even when there were "Do Not Touch" signs all around, she laughs".

However, it was not until a visiting family friend who was a sculptor lent her some basic tools, gave her a marble fragment, and suggested that she try her hand at direct carving, that a life-long love affair with sculpture was born.

Marilyn has worked in both stone and bronze, sometimes simultaneously, and sometimes mixing the two. She intuits that by using both media she has access to what she calls the "give and take" of the sculptural process.

"To me, freedom, plus the ability to "stretch myself" creatively, should not be hampered by the limitations of the artist's materials" She also genuinely feels that for a work of art to be truly relevant it must be accessible to, and it's message comprehended by as wide an audience as possible- "If a sculpture or painting appeals to only a select few, then I believe that it's message is lost, and it just isn't working"

Ms. Weinstein's works are in numerous private collections, and she has exhibited in a wide variety of galleries and shows. She currently maintains a studio in Manhattan, and has a clientele both in the United States and abroad.